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November 20, 2018 Onoto Rojo

Keep All Your Valuables Secured In Self-Storage Units

If you are an owner of a recently started business you must be aware that how difficult it can get keeping an abundance of boxes inside your workplace. Not only a mountain of boxes can make it difficult to find the right thing at the right time but also make the place congested. Usually, small startups before they bloom do not have a warehouse, so in such circumstances what can an entrepreneur do? The solution to their problem is hiring a self-storage unit. Self-storage units are large containers given on rent so people can conveniently store their belongings if they lack the space to do so. This is not only for those who own a business but these storage services can also be used by people who lack the space in their houses. So let’s see how these self-storage services can be beneficial for you. 

Space Management 
If you are planning on moving to a new house then it can get difficult carrying all of your belongings with yourself especially if they are valuable to you and you do not want to auction them. The last thing you want to do is make your new home congested with a tower of boxes laying all over the place. In such cases the ideal solution is to contact self-storage companies so they can provide you with the solution you need and rent you a container just the ideal size so you can easily store all your belongings. Not only are these services beneficial for private use but also for commercial. A huge majority of offices use self storage in Sydney inner west services to store their documents as well. 

Self-storage services are highly cost-effective, if you are thinking that it is going to cost you a fortune to store all your belonging then that is not the case, because most of the times these services are easily within reach of your expenses. 

Security Measures 
When you are storing your valuables in self-storage units you are given a properly secure locker of which you have the keys for so you do not have to worry of theft, and professional companies also take extra measures to ensure all your belonging remain safe at all times. 

Convenient for Travelers 
If you are someone who has a knack for travelling, keeping all your belongings with you in your luggage is almost impossible. This is also where self-storage services are highly beneficial. With their help you can easily travel the world without any worries and have access to all your valuables at any time you return. There can be endless scenarios where you might need storage to keep your valuables, in such cases Security Self-Storage has always got your back. They have the perfect solution for all your storage needs to ensure that space is the least of your worries whether you are operating a business, travelling or anything else. For more information, please log on to

November 13, 2018 Onoto Rojo

Alternative Uses Of Common Household Materials

We have a lot of household items that can be used for a different way other than their original uses. Some of these items are just stocked, ignored or thrown away. What a waste right? So to help you restore some of the items, here are some ideas you can use to put it in good use again.

Old tables and boards

You can turn old tables and boards into a creative photo collage and big picture frames. If you have unused glass boards and defective wooden tables in your storage room, grab it and be creative to make it a photo collage of you and your family. Instead of just posting in on social media, print some of your most valued family picture from family getaways, special occasions and family gatherings and be artistic enough in making it a big collage in your recycled frames or just add it to your fabric pin up boards. It will add life, color, and a great home décor to your home.


Vinegar has a lot of other uses that we may not know of. To get started, vinegar can erase marks in tables, desk, and walls from ballpoint-pen. You just have to use a piece of cloth or sponge and dab it to the stained wall or tables until the marks are gone. No need for a new paint! You can also use vinegar on carpet stains. All you have to do is mix 2 tablespoons of salt and dissolve it in half cup white vinegar, or you can mix 1 tablespoon of cornstarch and 1 tablespoon of vinegar to form a paste. Rub the mixture into the stain and give it some time to dry, then you can vacuum or wash the carpet, and tadaaah! The stain will be gone. Vinegar can also be used as a cleaning agent for many things such as wood paneling, bricks, rugs, window blinds and many more.

Gift Cards

We often think that gift cards are just pieces of disposable papers. What we don’t know is that it can actually help us and many ways possible. You can use gift cards to numbers of reason such as; a straightedge device, glue or putties application, scrape remover (candle wax, paint drips and other sticky stuff), stabilize furniture, and level anything. So next time you have gift cards at home, keep it and don’t throw it away. These little cards have a lot of other uses than you think.

Wood Flooring Scraps

These pieces of wood scraps are not just wood scraps. It can also be used in a lot of other things and circumstances. You can use them as wainscot, a DIY doormat, additional design for a cabinet door, frame a photo or used as crafty and artistic DIY shelves that can be used as bookcases or placement of displays and frames. Larger wood flooring scraps can also be used to build a small coffee table. It’s not just scraps after all.So before you throw or disregard any items, think of the best way to transform it into something more useful and more functional. There are a lot of other things that we throw away without thinking that these items can still be used in a different way. So next time, you can use these ideas to your household items to make them useful again.

October 3, 2018 Onoto Rojo

Creating An Interior That Attract Customers More

These are some important aspects that you need to give your attention to when designing the interior of your retail shop. By doing so you will find it more profitable and famous among customers.Running your own retail shop can be both exciting and risky. The business industry is one that is extremely competitive. Thereby, you need to up your game in every way possible to face this competition. One such way is to level up your interior game. The key reason for this is because that many customers tend to make their first impression based on the interior of a shop. If they find it attractive and appealing there is a higher chance that they will be more into the items in the shop. That is why it is necessary to use this strategy. But how exactly can you do that?


One huge mistake that many retail shops do is that they tend to pack everything in a very unorganized manner. This is very unattractive. This will only make the space look messy, packed and small. It is important to make use of the space through an organized manner and using certain tricks. Keeping the clothes separated from footwear and cosmetics and so will help the customers look for what they want easily. They will find it easier and very appealing. You can even separate the clothes based on age and gender. This is another great tactic that can be used to make the space more organized. Not only that, using a hanging display to display certain and special products will give you more space and make the products stand out at the same time.

Walking path

Packing up the space by adding too many racks, shelves and all here and there is another bug no-no. This will again make the space look small and the customers will find it very irritating as they will find it impossible to walk without knocking items over. Not only that, this also has the ability to damage your products. Make more space by keeping your racks and gondola shelving in the corners in a neat order.

Make them feel comfortable

It is absolutely necessary to make your customers feel more comfortable and relaxed. There are so many ways that you can do this. Make sure the space, the lighting and even the music is relaxing and calming enough for them to enjoy. Also, displaying the products properly in a way that it is easy to browse through will make them feel more attracted to the place. Don’t forget to add comfy benches or seats here and there. They will love it.