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How To Become A Professional Translator

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It is pretty surprising when I hear that people believe being a translator only requires a fluency in language considering it as one of the pre requisites for being a professional translator. Billinguisim is one of the great options of which you can opt as a career however, it requires more than you think of. We have gathered some of the important points that will allow you to become a professional translator. 

  1. Translation Certificate

Being a translator requires one to be of a specific standard for which you require a certification. There are many institutes and universities that offer programs and degrees for being a certified translator. If you are in Australia, there is this very famous certification known as the NAATI in Melbourne accreditation as it offers the opportunity to become an accredited translator to work on government projects. 

  1. Language Test

Even though a lot of people may excel at their first language, having a good and proficient second language adds up to your resume when planning to become a professional translator. Proving your competency and fluency in your second language is vital for the companies who are seeking translators as well as clients who are looking for these translation services. One can find various tests easily that can test your ability on your second language.  

  1. Experience

Once you are done with the above two steps, know that the next one is to build up experience. If you are someone who has zero experience then you have to start from somewhere to gain one. To become an efficient NAATI translator, one requires a more hands on experience. Even if you are currently a student who is offering such translation services and don’t charge much for it, this too can be added up in your portfolio to act as an evidence to you potential clients looking for a translator. 

  1. Marketing of Skills

Once you have sufficient experience, the next step is to tap those organizations who require translators on a daily basis and market your skills there. These organizations may include government, police stations, hospitals and translation providers. The best way where you may get an opportunity to market your skills can be through getting your own website where you can add samples and testimonials of clients you have previously worked with. 

  1. Learning never Stops

There may come a time for you where you feel that you are not being compensated much for the work you are doing being a translator, that’s when you could feel the need to go ahead which is why the next thing you should take on as a translator is to work on medical or legal translations. The best part about this is that there is a lot of learning in working in these areas. For more information, please log on to